[Talk-us] route relations and non-rendering of shields

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Mon Aug 5 00:44:11 UTC 2013

On 8/4/13 8:25 PM, Minh Nguyen wrote:
> unsigned_ref is currently used on 31,578 ways and 381 relations. [1] 
> That's what I'm using for counties that only post their route numbers 
> on mileposts, since you can't navigate by these numbers. [2][3]
i can certainly move to that although the more i think about the idea of 
separate networks, the more i like it. there are three
such networks in NYS, i think:

US:NY                         (the "touring routes", all signed)
US:NY:Reference         (the "references", all unsigned except for 4, 
plus the parkways)
US:NY:Parkway           (the parkways, mostly from the Robert Moses era, 
generally have reference route designations
                                    but are signed with the parkway name)

i don't know if this makes the shield stuff harder or easier. i know 
that we can find enough hands in NYS
to go through and bring them into conformance with whatever makes sense 
pretty quickly.)
> That brings up another issue: in many parts of Ohio, county route 
> numbers are included on sign blades [5] or ordinary directional signs 
> [6] but don't have dedicated shields. I'm using ref for these numbers, 
> because it is possible to navigate by them. But the shield renderer 
> gives refs on highway=secondary or =tertiary the usual capsule badges, 
> since no shield template has been specified. Any chance refs with 
> unknown networks could be drawn like they are on highway=unclassified 
> -- as bold, unadorned text -- regardless of the highway tag?
we have case 5 in some counties of NYS, not sure if we have case 6 
anywhere. i was figuring
on coming up with a blade like shield template for case 5.


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