[Talk-us] Turn restriction dispute

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Feb 10 05:30:40 GMT 2013

Russ, I second your vote/motion, not that anybody called for a 
second, or even that I am able to offer it.  What I AM able to do is 
"be civil" and "use the talk-us list, as it is our nationwide forum 
to discuss."  There are plenty of other "consensus understandings" 
that might be loosely called "rules" which make up the fabric of OSM 
as a community.  NE2 has again proven that he is either unwilling or 
unable to abide by those.  Consequently, I think we should inform him 
that serious discussion of permanently banning him from OSM (this 
thread) is underway, and his behavior can either change for the 
better, or he can count on eventually being permanently banned.  He 
has had plenty of opportunities to do so, and so I am not optimistic 
he will be around much longer.  But if the community wants him, that 
can emerge as a consensus as well.

His "better" (than nothing) edits are in a clear minority compared to 
the usual messes he makes.  He DOES, for better or worse, stir 
controversy, which is why we discuss, which is part of the community. 
If, for that reason alone (that he is controversial), there are those 
who do not wish to ban him, speak up now, as you may (may) be able to 
make the case that we need somebody like him as an example of what to 
do with difficult contributors.  I think it is unanimous that he is 
that, at least.

I wouldn't miss him if he were gone, either.


>He's banned from (at least) this list. Consequently, you cannot expect
>him to discuss this issue here.
>We had a discussion of whether to ban him from editing in the past,
>which never really got resolved. It just died out. Yes, he's done a
>lot of editing, and yes, some of his edits have been fruitful, but no,
>some of his edits have been less than helpful. I wouldn't miss him if
>he were gone.
>I vote, not that anybody called for a vote, to ask him to leave.

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