[Talk-us] Turn restriction dispute

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sun Feb 10 16:32:37 GMT 2013

Michal Migurski writes:
 > I'm familiar with his work and have run afoul of his views in the
 > past, most recently when I performed a large scale edit to US route
 > relation tags, some of which he did not agree with. I don't know if
 > any were reverted. Nevertheless, I don't see the value in running
 > him out on a rail without more actual evidence of malice, detailed
 > precedents from other bans, and some expectation that the OSMF
 > could help here. These days I'm happier with NE2 than I am with the
 > foundation, believe it or not.

His malice is encapsulated in his inability to work with other
people. For example, I dislike a particular global modification to my
work that he has made. I know that he has more spare time than me to
pursue his ideas, and so I haven't bothered to fighting on it, because
I know he will fight me, and I know he will win.

So I have resigned myself to allowing OSM to be a little bit worse
because of him. How many other people have made the same decision? How
much worse is OSM because of NE2? Does this outweigh his positive

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