[Talk-us] Possible coping from Google Maps

Michael Patrick geodesy99 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 02:04:20 UTC 2013

> Nothing in that presentation says that Google sourced the data from
> Wikipedia, just that Wikipedia and Google had the same coordinates, which
> in this case would be from some “official” source.

That's why I backtracked exhaustively from every official source -
Washington State Pilot's Manual, NGA, USGS, NOAA, and lots more. Typical
differences in those, but generally in the lake / airport area. The
erroneous floating point Lat/Long GeoHack entries, however was identical to
the most significant digits out to where the digit positions were switched.
I also just plain Googled the digits of the coordinates as a literal
string, etc. You may be correct, but if one does the same with any of the
official versions, they show up in many, many places. Hence my assumption
of a probable data entry / edit typo on GeoHack.

> The current data on Google also differs from Wikipedia.

Yes, and ironically, superficially the point they show is in the land
Runway Protection Zone!

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