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stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sat Feb 23 03:56:39 UTC 2013

Done.  Including all Los Padres National Forest wilderness boundaries 
(of which there are ten).

I've also sent the suggester my "ten steps" for using the data source 
he pointed me to.  We've never met, but now OSM community is that 
much stronger.

Now I'm finding additional correct wiki pages to update (one is 
already updated with notes of this upload).

Thank you for your offer.  That also shows good community, Mr. Patrick.

Next appears to be a harmonization of the LPNF boundaries themselves 
and a sharpening up of the leisure=nature_reserve boundaries with 
landuse=forest.  That's getting better, but not yet quite done.


>It;s quite possible I could reproject the data for you in one fell 
>swoop using any of a number of GIS tools at my disposal. JOSM most 
>likely relies on the reprojection transformations in proj4 which is 
>based on parameters in 
>the <http://spatialreference.org/>http://spatialreference.org/
>Sometimes the hangup is something as simple a missing units 
>parameter, or somebody being lazy and checking out a new EPSG number 
>rather than using an existing one. Or the one they used has a 
>microscopically different datum. Or whatever.
>If somebody hasn't solved this for you, let me know.
>Michael Patrick
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