[Talk-us] Chicago Buildings Redux

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Mon Mar 4 23:34:59 UTC 2013

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 5:32 PM, Jason Remillard
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> Hi Ian,
> One more thing. I realize that this is a controversial area. On our
> import MA building import we decided to not include the MassGIS
> building id. The id was just a munged centroid position and MassGIS
> indicated they don't intend for it to be preserved/maintained long
> term. Basically, the shape file needed a primary key, so they made one
> up. Unless the Chicago GIS people intend on preserving the id over the
> long term (like the gnis id), I would not bother including it. If
> somebody needs to match back to the original data set, they can just
> sort it out using centroids. Including it has the cost of discouraging
> non-expert mappers from improving the data.

The Chicago data folks do intend on making that building ID useful (they
want it to be a unique key for a building across many different city
datasets), so I decided to keep it in the tagging conversion.
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