[Talk-us] US Bicycle Routes in KY, TN, AL, MS, and GA

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Thanks for your comments.  While we do not have the reach or funding of
Sustrans, our efforts are very similar in developing the US Bicycle Route
System.  We use the UK's National Cycle Network (as well as EuroVelo and the
Canadian Route Verte) as one of our example templates when we communicate to
US organizations.

Indeed our goal in reaching out to the OSM community is to make sure that
mapping efforts are coordinated and that there is effective communication
with the involved parties.  We have been using Google Maps as a technology
to develop and share proposed bicycle routes with the relevant agencies as
we seek official designation of those routes.  We have struggled with how to
maintain a national level map system that is accurate and up to date.  OSM
may provide us with that vehicle but it is early days and we have a lot to


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Kerry Irons wrote:
> I would like to get in contact with the mapper(s) who put these routes 
> into OpenStreetMap/OpenCycleMap and clarify this.   We are always 
> looking for enthusiastic folks who want to work on the USBR system but 
> in this case putting detailed routes on maps is a source of confusion.

Hello from over the pond...

Here in the UK, several volunteers for Sustrans - the charity that runs the
National Cycle Network - are involved with OSM (I'm one; Andy Allan,
developer of OpenCycleMap, is another; but I think there's probably around a
dozen in all). The upshot of this is that the routes as shown on
OpenCycleMap are usually very accurate - on occasion, even, more up-to-date
than the mapping on www.sustrans.org.uk itself.

I'd encourage you and the ACA to follow this lead and find a small number of
people who might be prepared to bring their detailed subject knowledge of
the US Bicycle Route network to OSM. OSM always works best when it's
populated by people with real knowledge, rather than the guesswork involved
in "armchair mapping".


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