[Talk-us] Admin boundary level quirk in NYC

Clay Smalley claysmalley at gmail.com
Sat May 18 05:12:50 UTC 2013

In the entry for the United States in this wiki article:


Admin levels are listed like this:

Cities: 8
Counties: 6
New York City: 5

In the OSM database as I write this, this is not the case, as New York City
is on level 8 with all other cities. Is there any case for this quirk?
Certainly the counties (boroughs) do function as subordinate to the city,
but technically the counties are now only geographical entities with no
government, which happen to each share the same boundary as a borough with
government subordinate to the city.

So I propose a different schema:

New York Boroughs: 9
Cities (incl. NYC): 8
Counties: 6

and have separate relations for the counties and boroughs (e.g. Brooklyn
and Kings County), sharing the same ways.

Level 9 is used similarly in other countries for sub-city governments. I
think this would be a good use of it. Thoughts?
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