[Talk-us] Admin boundary level quirk in NYC

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Sat May 18 12:36:29 UTC 2013


Thank you for bringing this up. I have a number of thoughts on this
issue, so it may take me a bit to get to the proposal in your email.

First, I think that this is a good illustration of why some of us
would like all administrative data taken out of OSM and moved into
another dataset. The maintenance of it is quite complex and even in
areas where it seems objective, is not.

Secondly, I think for any major area change, such as this, I'd like to
suggest you touch base with the OSM US Import Committee, even though
this is not an import, it will have similar effects as one (effecting
a large, very populated area in many ways).

Thirdly. I'd like to suggest you meet with other OSMers in NYC to
discuss. Since we're having a mapping party next weekend, this seems
like a good time to introduce yourself and discuss this proposal.

Fourthly, I'm going to assume that your proposal is *just* to change
NYC and the 5 boroughs, right? If not, then this needs discussion on a
larger scale.

Fifth, I have some concerns about granularity. By doing this, you've
effectively made admin level 10 the last usable admin level that we
currently measure. In your NYC example, 9 becomes the borough, but
that means 10 has to be "neighborhoods" on a very gross level. For
example, do you differentiate between Greenwich Village''s West and
East Village? I certainly do, and I think most New Yorkers would, but
they're both part of the Village itself.

My other big question is "What does this solve?", in other words, what
problem are you seeing that needs correction by this action?

- Serge

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