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All true Mike, but that has not translated into a commitment by KS to work
towards route designation.  Without that commitment we don't have a basis to
do anything.


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Model: Not Determined

Phase I: Planning

There is interest in the U.S. Bicycle Route System with momentum behind USBR
66 and 76. To find out more about bicycle and pedestrian transportation in
Kansas, and to view our Kansas Bicycle Guide, please visit the DOT
Bike/Pedestrian program.

For more information contact Becky Pepper at rpepper(at)ksdot(dot)org.

On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 2:39 PM, KerryIrons <irons54vortex at sbcglobal.net>
> Paul,
> No, KS has not even engaged in defining a route for USBR 66 (though it 
> would be a very short segment across the SE corner of the state).  I'm 
> collecting all the responses and will get everyone up to speed once 
> the list of mappers is stable.  I'll keep you posted.
> Kerry
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> I believe I recall seeing that Kansas already has erected USBR 66 signs.
>  I'm down to map any segment west of Joplin (I'm familiar with US 66 
> up to that point).
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> wrote:
> OSM mappers:
> As you may know from past discussions there is a developing US Bicycle 
> Route system and there are a number of projects underway at the state 
> level to develop and designate USBRs.  Those project teams are at 
> various stages of development but may be interested in partnering with 
> one or more OSM mappers to get their proposed or approved routes into the
OSM data base.
> Steve All and I found similar work to be a fruitful collaboration 
> together, and I look forward to doing that again multiplied many times 
> at the statewide level.  Steve has developed a high level of expertise 
> on USBR mapping and has wiki pages to explain the process AND we have 
> good examples (of well-tagged routes) at the national and state 
> levels.  He is happy to be a reference available to answer 
> syntax/tagging/technical questions about OSM itself that are specific to
bicycle route mapping.
> Here is the list of current or incipient USBR projects where 
> involvement from OSM mappers could be helpful to the project effort.
> Alabama, USBR 90 and perhaps USBR 23
> Arkansas, USBR 80 and USBR 51
> California, USBR 66
> Indiana, USBR 35, USBR 50
> Louisiana, USBR 90
> Maryland, USBR 50
> Mississippi, USBR 90, USBR 25/35 (Natchez Trace) Nevada, USBR 50 New 
> Mexico, USBR 66 Ohio, USBR 50 Oklahoma, USBR 66 Tennessee, USBR 23 
> Virginia, USBR 11 Washington, USBR 10 Wisconsin, USBR 30 Wyoming, USBR 
> 76
> If you are interested in helping one or more of these project teams, 
> please let me know and I will introduce you to the appropriate state 
> level USBR folks.
> Kerry Irons
> Adventure Cycling Association
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