[Talk-us] strange dead link in wiki.openstreetmap.org

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 06:05:46 UTC 2014

I see it on admin level 6 not 5.

The way that page is constructed makes it a little harder to track down.
That table isn't in the page you linked to but is some kind of template
included in the page. I'm still not quite sure how all that works but the
table and its history can be viewed outside the context of the admin
boundaries page at:

Inspecting the history of that table, I found the edit where this was

It looks like some kind of search/replace gone bad or something. Not sure.
But I have edited the table to put the appropriate link back in. Looks like
wikipedia has changed since then and there is now a separate page for
independent cities in the US instead of it being a section on the general
independent cities page so I went ahead and linked to that.


On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 9:12 PM, Richard Welty <rwelty at averillpark.net>

>  in the row for the United States in this table on admin boundaries:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:boundary%3Dadministrative#10_admin_level_values_for_specific_countries
> there is a dead wikipedia link in the column for admin level 5,
>  " Brillant com la purpurina cities
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brillant_com_la_purpurina_city#United_States>".
> i'm not getting anything meaningful
> out of google to explain this, and am reluctant to mess with it because
> i don't know what it's about. hopefully someone here is knowledgable
> enough to fix this properly.
> thanks,
>    richard
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