[Talk-us] Field Papers web app source code hosted at GitHub currently subject to DMCA takedown and not accessible

Joseph R. Justice jayarejay at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 04:03:13 UTC 2014

[The following is forwarded to the lists on behalf of Mr. Fitzsimmons at
his request.  Apparently, his initial attempt to respond to my message to
talk@ and talk-us@ was bounced and/or held for moderation because he does
not subscribe to the lists.  I'd like to emphasize that his response was
sent some 40 minutes after my original message went out; Stamen Design did
respond quickly once notified.  -- J]

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From: Seth Fitzsimmons <seth at stamen.com>
Date: Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 10:41 PM
Subject: Re: Field Papers web app source code hosted at GitHub currently
subject to DMCA takedown and not accessible
To: jayarejay at gmail.com
Cc: talk-us at openstreetmap.org, talk at openstreetmap.org, jayarejay at gmail.com,
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We did not know about this; thank you for making us aware.  Apparently DMCA
takedowns don't result in corresponding email notifications.

Here's what we're planning on doing:

* Eric Gelinas (cc'd) has contacted GitHub about getting the repository
reinstated so that we can push up a sanitized version and have the takedown
taken down. Hopefully this will be straightforward; if not, we may have to
get our lawyer involved and file a counter-notice to the effect that we're
no longer infringing.
* Eric is in the process of removing the offending content (Helvetica,
ironically enough) from the repo.
* I'm letting Mike Migurski know, as his walkingpapers repo is the parent,
and there may be complications associated with fieldpapers being a fork.

This is what it means for users of the repo / forks:

* You'll need to re-clone stamen/fieldpapers, as none of the commit IDs
will line up after sanitization.

This is what it means for users of Field Papers:

* Nothing. The offending content is not accessible via the web site, so
there's no justification for a DMCA takedown of Field Papers itself.

Thanks for your understanding.


On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 7:02 PM, Joseph R. Justice <jayarejay at gmail.com>

>    [Intentionally posted to both talk@ and talk-us at .  -- J]
> I just now happened to try to access my personal fork of the repository
> for the source code for the Field Papers (http://fieldpapers.org/) web
> app site (said repository of source code can usually be found at
> https://github.com/stamen/fieldpapers), only to find that the fork was
> currently not accessible due to a DMCA takedown, apparently related to the
> presence of font data originally created by Monotype Corporation and/or
> related companies and organizations.
> Because of this DMCA takedown, the master repository of the source for
> Field Papers, my personal fork of it, and the repository for the source of
> the software Field Papers was derived from are all currently inaccessible
> at GitHub.  (Many other things unrelated to Field Papers or OSM in general
> are also being affected by this.)
> Information about the DMCA takedown and what is affected by it, and what
> the takedown is complaining about, can be found at
> https://github.com/github/dmca/blob/master/2014-08-27-Monotype-Imaging.md
> .
> Does Stamen Design (as the organization responsible for creating and
> presumably maintaining the Field Papers web app at http://fieldpapers.org/
> and the software behind the web app) know about this yet?  Are they doing
> something about it?  I wouldn't be surprised if the DMCA takedown is
> extended to the web app site itself at some point, if something isn't done
> about this.
> I have taken the liberty of CCing Stamen Design at info at stamen.com with
> this letter, to make sure they are aware of what's going on (especially if
> they are not yet aware of it).
> Thank you for giving me a moment of your time.  I hope you find this of
> some use, interest.  I look forward to learning more about this situation
> as it develops and is (hopefully) resolved in a desirable fashion in the
> near future.
> Joseph
> PS: I still cannot access my own attempt at an account at the Field Papers
> web app site, but that's not relevant to the issue here.  If I ever get off
> my lazy butt and write some patches to their code for the site to fix this
> sort of thing (which is why I'd created a fork in the first place), then
> I'd be able to get at my account w/o needing them to do something.
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