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Um, you lost me Paul J


Back to the original point that drew me into the conversation – I do not agree with switching every road that has surface=dirt to highway=track.  Using highway=track with tracktype=* would not fully describe the significance of roads around here because there are some ‘residential’ roads – those being roads that only have the function of reaching residences – that get washed out, are very steep, etc. and would probably earn a higher grade than some of the 4WD/OHV ‘tracks’ in the National Forest around here – those being roads only used for recreation or timber harvesting, but sometimes are very smooth and easy to travel.


In conclusion, I don’t think any one feature (surface, smoothness, tracktype, lanes, speed, etc.) can be used to define or redefine the importance/significance of a road and sometimes only local knowledge can tell you that.


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Likewise, I consider WA-500 a trunk west of WA-503 to it's terminus at I-5, even though it's largely grade separated, due to it's very short length (not even all the way across Vancouver, WA) and multiple at-grade intersections, including it's intersection with WA-503, and low speed (45 MPH).


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Well, the road your referring to sounds like a track, if it has no other significant use than a beautiful and adventurous way to travel between the two towns.  However, the road I live on is well maintained (graded, plowed in winter, etc. – FYI I drive a Nissan Maxima/low clearance 2WD) but basically has only one function – to get to the residences along it – which fits residential much more than track.  I think this is a case where there is not a one size fits all for road classification, in my opinion my local knowledge suggests there is a big difference between the residential dirt road I live on and the (typically 4X4) tracks that are in the area.


If it's well maintained year-round, I'd be willing to call that a highway=unclassified at best.  I tend to reserve higher classifications for paved roads that have centerlines, at a dead minimum.  Paved with centerlines and fog lines, even if they don't have a paved shoulder, is definitely tertiary at a minimum (though I would consider BC 17 between Port Renfrew and Victoria, BC as secondary due to it's nature as a provincial highway, despite at least a dozen one lane bridges, due to the prevailing nature of the highway, much the same way I consider US 412 between the Cimarron Turnpike and downtown Tulsa a motorway, even though there's one at-grade intersection on a spit just east of Keystone Lake on that highway).


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