[Talk-us] Quick intro and request to contribute

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Mon Jan 13 22:09:43 UTC 2014

On 1/13/14 4:22 PM, Dave Oksner wrote:
> I'd like to contribute more: specifically, speed limit info.  I recently
> stubled across a document put out by the county Public Works department
> that summarizes all of the county traffic codes, including the speed
> limits of all county-maintained roads, and I would like to find out more 
> about how to incorporate this.  I have no illusions that my first act should
> be to do a mass update or anything, but I think that if I knew what would
> be useful information to provide, I could extract and process the data from
> this document and give the data to someone else who does know what they're
> doing.
> What should be my first step(s)?
your first steps should probably be these

1) check on the status of the document, verify that it's ok to use
as a data source

2) do a sampling of the speed limits from the document vs reality,
verify that the data has some measure of accuracy. i have seen enough
changes to speed limits over the past couple of that i would be a
little wary of such a doc until i'd done these comparisons.

3) in particular, see how the document characterizes CRs for which
there are different speed limits for different sections and see if you
can match that up with reality

4) consider combining this project with the construction of county
route relations for your area if they're not already there.


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