[Talk-us] Quick intro and request to contribute

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Jan 15 04:04:37 UTC 2014

>And I encourage you to ask "is this a one time import" or an "ongoing import"?
>For your speed data a one time import might be OK.
>For something like store locations, which change all the time, the 
>data might just get stale in OSM.
>The proper term for matching up data like this is 'conflation', and 
>that sometimes involves one or more identifiers
>you'd call conflation keys or match targets.  These could be 
>database primary keys, road names, or route numbers.

See, Bryce, we do largely agree:  we both wish to help Dave achieve 
his speed limit upload.  Sometimes I "get something done in favor of 
nothing."  Sometimes I go whole hog and get every last bit of it done 
(including researching web sites and phone numbers, and entering 
those, too).

In this case, I seem to be saying to Dave, "walk, if you please." 
(Manually import, but with eyes/mind open to improving skills TOWARDS 
automation).  You seem to be saying to Dave "as you wish to run, here 
are vocabulary, help and ideas as to how."  (There are likely good 
strategies to doing an import of these data -- here is how I might 
begin.)  In my opinion, both are correct, and either of us could have 
given the others' advice.  Dave would do well to consider both and 
move towards what works best both for him and for OSM.

Often, it's good to have multiple answers:  chances of getting to the 
right one increase with options.  Yes, complexity of choosing does, 
too.  But that's a small cost, and I know I prefer having options to 
choose from.

Dave, one thing to consider along the lines of what Bryce is asking 
you is:  do you intend to keep these data up-to-date in OSM as they 
may change in the future?  This might change how you approach 
uploading the data.  (Manually, as a formal import, as a formal 
import with a good eye towards future updates, et cetera).


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