[Talk-us] Any foursquare/OSM editing update? How about Craigslist?

Randy Meech randy.meech at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 00:07:45 UTC 2014

On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 4:53 PM, Jason Remillard
<remillard.jason at gmail.com> wrote:
> Beyond attributing OSM, hopefully our large commercial users can take
> it a step further and provide a way of editing OSM from their user
> interface.

I'm really interested in this topic, but it's tricky.

Long ago when I was at MapQuest, some kook (me?) floated a crazy idea
that we should switch the whole thing over to OSM -- all 50mm monthly
unique users at the time -- and give the tools to edit any errors
(this was Potlatch II back then). Quite obviously this didn't/wouldn't

Why not? Because if you make a venn diagram of users who want to use a
local/mapping product and users who want to edit one *actively*,
there's honestly not much overlap. Products need to do right by their
users. We offered the ability to edit the map on the open products at
MapQuest, but I don't remember there being much new interest. I
suspect this is the same for Foursquare -- people use Foursquare for
the social & recommendation aspects, not to edit a map.

The use of *passive* user data to improve a map would be a lot easier,
and of course mapping products with their own datasets do this all the
time. But it's not easy to do that with OSM due to licensing and
community issues. And that's all good, of course!

I would be interested to see a new class of companies using the OSM
API, signing in new users with OSM's oauth service, and then using OSM
as their database of record for POIs, etc. If a new entrepreneur
starting something like Yelp or Foursquare now were to do this
successfully, that would be interesting. Of course the point can't be
"editing a map" -- there has to be something to lure in your average


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