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The reply I received back from Laura Blackett, Meetup.com, is show below.
They do not offer any corporate sponsored group rates nor can third parties
pay for accounts. If OSM-US had a support staff, I'd suggest we raise funds
to help start local meetups. Without staff, a volunteer would have to step
forward to take on the task.

Paul Norman and I are going to attempt another approach. We are going to
try to start a local meetup in Vancouver BC using one of the three groups
available in my account. I'd expect that once the local community was
established they would fund their own group.

I'd like to challenge other Meetup Organizers to help start new groups in
underserved locations. Let's watch how these new groups progress. If you
are a Meetup Organizer and you have room to run more Groups, please let the
community know to help sponsor new groups.

Meetup Reply:

You said: "A number of corporations that have expressed interest in
supporting and growing local communities. We have would like to have an
easy method for these corporations to pay for the Meetup account. Ideally,
corporations would enjoy a reduced rate to establishing these groups."

I'm afraid we don't have group rates available. It's also not possible for
third parties to pay dues through the site -- Organizer Dues are attached
to a group's primary Organizer account. That said, you're welcome to work
out reimbursement with corporations independently.

Just so you know, Organizer Dues enable an account to run up to 3 Meetup
Groups. If you're interested in running additional groups on your account,
you have room for more!


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