[Talk-us] Merging a GNIS node with a TIGER way - for a town

Sebastian Arcus s.arcus at open-t.co.uk
Wed Jan 29 19:14:01 UTC 2014

If a search is done for "Fortuna, CA" in OSM, two different entities 
show up at the top, for the same thing. One is from a TIGER import, one 
is from a GNIS import. One is a node the other one is for the boundaries 
of the place. I assume a place doesn't need to have both a node and a 
way. If I delete the node, do I copy all its tags and place them on the 
way? Would that result in a confusing soup of both TIGER specific and 
GNIS specific tags? Is that still OK?

On top of it, one of them claims Fortuna, CA is a town, while the other 
claims it is a city. I suppose this one can be settled with a research 
through some other online and offline resources - so not a biggie. When 
I was there it definitely seemed like a town and not a city to me - but 
I'm not sure what rules are used for this type of classification in the US.

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