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Am 17.11.2014 14:21, schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:
> 2014-11-14 21:44 GMT+01:00 tshrub <my-email-confirmation at online.de
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>     Am 14.11.2014 19:15, schrieb Jack Burke:
>         What about submerged ones? Do we bother with those?
>     if we stumble over them, why not
>     and it sounds for my as if those
>     towns are still structures of reality
> yes, another example is this one in Tuscany, It, which is normally
> submerged in a lake, but will come to light every 10 years or so when
> the lake is dried out for maintenance of the dam:
> http://rete.comuni-italiani.it/foto/2009/61975
whow! What a crasy morbid scenery.

> Situations like this:
> http://www.gruene-bundestag.de/typo3temp/pics/e6d0cd2a32.jpg
>   are very different, in that nothing of the original landscape (or
> village) remains (this is open pit mining of lignite in Saxony, Germany,
> or more precisely a place called "Heuersdorf" close to the mine
> "Vereinigtes Schleenhain" pic taken 09-02-2009). Another image here:
> http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/display/17845958
> The latter example shouldn't probably be mapped in OSM, as there is
> literally nothing left now, while the former is still there, it is
> simply degraded by the water and not visible most of the time due to the
> lake.

as long as it exists. It could be a *barrier* for navigation. And (any 
kind of) navigation is, where maps are for.
May be it emerges on the map every 10 years ;) No.

Here you might add an altitude-tag 'below', notice, etc.?

Generally if a structure is gone, I would delete it.
But (I think) the data alloyed into OSM's mind.
So may be in *future*, you can see a landscape-animation. That would be 

best, t.

> cheers,
> Martin
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