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Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Tue Oct 28 02:33:22 UTC 2014

OK, just got back in from Watonga and I'm still rather dehydrated,
exhausted, and think I got a bit of the post-convention blues and a touch
of concrud from a week at Roman Nose State Park for Oklacon 12
<http://www.oklacon.com/>, which was an especially long drive this time due
to a bridge out in Kingfisher, requiring a ~40 mi detour on OK 33, and
another repaving project that had the highway down to less than half it's
usual speed.

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 10:16 AM, Mike Henson <mikehenson at hotmail.com>

> How can I tag unofficial bicycle routes in my community?
> For example, the City of Stillwater has documented with actual signs on
> the road these routes (
> http://stillwater.org/document_center/Bike_Routes.pdf)
> I have tagged these as "lcn=yes" and named them all Stillwater Bicycle
> Routes in a relation.

I wouldn't put them all in a single relation, but one relation per route.
This can be tedious.  See Tulsa and Portland for examples.

> There is a bicycle club that has created other routes that do not have
> actual signage on the roads. see
> http://www.reddirtpedalers.org/local-routes
> For Club routes, I could tag them as reddirtpedalers routes (i.e.
> Reddirtpedalers Couch Park Loop)
> http://www.reddirtpedalers.org/local-routes/13-couch-park-loop
> For the Club routes:
> Should I use "lcn=proposed"? (this is not valid, because they are not
> being proposed and most of them are outside city limits. the county does
> not have any routes)
> Should I use "lcn=unofficial"?
> Should I use "lcn=club"?
> Should the name include "unofficial" OR "bicycle = undesignated"?

Name is just the name.  Not sure how to tag unofficial routes other than

> Also, using Stava data, I can see other used roads that are not bicycle
> routes, but they are widely used. see
> http://labs.strava.com/routing-errors/#250/13/-97.06824/36.12651
> Lakeview Road north west of Stillwater going out to Lake McMurtry is a
> nice blacktop road without a lot of traffic, If I was riding a bicycle, I
> would use this road.
> Should I tag these "commonly used bicycle routes"?

Describe the nature of the route.  Some handy tags are on the Bicycle wiki

I assume official = signage on the road.

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