[Talk-us] Dirt Roads (formerly: Abandoned railway)

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Mon Sep 1 17:55:24 UTC 2014

>What would help here? A Tasking Manager instance with defined areas (say,
>10km x 10km, or counties, or...)? Anything else?

I like the idea of a TM to help here (like a cake map or somesuch), 
but I'd rather we slice things up by county rather than (random, 10km 
x 10km) grids.  Reason #1 is that there is a natural hierarchy, as 
counties can be aggregated into states.  Reason #2 is that this will 
naturally align to sharpening up USA county boundaries (which are 
spotty in many places now).  Reason #3 is that much publicly 
accessible GIS data is maintained and available at the county level, 
or state level where counties are a "natural" way of breaking up the 

As I worked with another OSM volunteer on bringing in some landuse 
data in Monterey County, California, I have done similar with what 
were TIGER "residential" roads, but were really tracks in that 
largely rural, agricultural county.  The landuse import took the two 
of us around six or eight weeks of some careful work, but converting 
TIGER residential to track (where true) took the better part of eight 
MONTHS, the county being something like 2/3 the size of the state of 
Connecticut.  It still isn't done, as the southeastern portion of the 
county is very sparsely populated, has difficult access, and 
comparisons of what Bing and TIGER display are often wildly 
different.  But such results are worth the effort, imho.

Good topic, good discussion.


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