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I think I got unsubscribed from talk-us again on my work account (it’s not you, it’s me), reposting from my personal account:
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We have seen no major routing disasters because of the largely fictional rural TIGER landscape, and I don’t feel an urgent need to do something about it on this scale. The affected areas mostly have no meaningful destinations anyway, and where they do, people will get around to updating them. We can prioritize the more meaningful areas using a TIGER ghost town analysis along the lines of the TIGER desert analysis I did some time ago: http://oegeo.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/binders-full-of-tiger-deserts/ (this would actually be fun to do. Would people fix TIGER ghost towns if I pointed them out?)

highway=residential may be inappropriate, but it’s not as wrong as marking all unedited TIGER residential ways with access=no - which would make entire areas unreachable altogether. Also identifying the ‘untouched TiGER’ ways is not super straightforward as several bots have touched most ways in the US anyway, so you’d need to look at the full history to make that call reliably.
Martijn van Exel

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While people work out how to remove the multitude of tiger ways that don't actually exist, downgrade others from the incorrect "residential" to "unclassified" or "track"
depending on imagery or ground survey, and fix the geometry of all unedited TIGER data, I beleive that it's absolutely essential (from safety and useability perspectives) to immediately mark all these uncertain ways as unroutable.

Whether to make them driveways or use access=no , I've no idea.

I think thrse ways can easily be identified by...

1) They are original TIGER data import
2) They have not been edited since import
3) They are "higway=residential"
4) They are unnamed

A bot could do this easily and then it really doesn't matter how long it takes to find the best solution.
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