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Signage standards are contained in the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices).  These are standards, not absolute requirements, but you will find them followed pretty closely because traffic engineers don’t like having to explain why they have not complied with standards.  Several states have their own version of the MUTCD, usually with either a few additions to the MUTCD or even by reducing the options of signage.



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I wonder if 15 mph in a school zone and 25 mph in a residential area are some sort of federal standard?  The source tag might be useful but not much different than other states.


The federal government doesn't have anything to say about speed limits (in states), as the US Constitution leaves such things to the states.  


I was thinking more like a stop sign is red and eight sided.  A traffic engineer told me that there is a federal standard governing how intersections are marked, etc.

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