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No, unfortunately we cannot but I haven’t given up on my attempts to gain clearance.

However in this case the imagery doesn’t really help. See link below which gives you a general idea of what we see internally. Note the shade cast by the building to the east. In this case it was the tax parcel and multiple address that indicate two buildings not one.



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On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 3:19 PM, Reilly, Colin <creilly at doitt.nyc.gov<mailto:creilly at doitt.nyc.gov>> wrote:
I’ve also see buildings merged that may appear to be one building from above but are in fact two.

Do you have better imagery that we would be able to use? I think that would help in this case.


A single building cannot straddle two tax parcels. In general, visual information in NYC is sometimes not enough to warrant a change. Example below of a building with two separate address points sitting on two separate tax parcels that was merged when it should not have been.

The intention of this email is to inform the group. I’m sure you can all imagine the challenges in managing data in Manhattan. Often multiple sources are necessary to validate changes.



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