[Talk-us] Speed limit sign tagging

Nate Wessel bike756 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 01:13:01 UTC 2014

I think sign locations would be great! I just entered a ton of speed 
limits a couple months back and wish I'd had thought to add them somehow...
The only concern I would have is that the direction they're facing be 
indicated. On long roads with few intersections, placing them by one 
side (for two-ways) would do the trick. In urban areas it might get more 
complicated. Which street does a sign right at an intersection belong 
to? I'm not sure how best to deal with that.

I would not want to see signs placed as a point on the line except maybe 
on one-ways. How do other types of road signs indicate directionality? 
Has this already been effectively resolved? I don't actually think I've 
ever seen a sign in OSM around these parts.

Rock on,

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> How does the mapping community feel about tagging the location of speed
> limit signs? I remember another mapper brought up this topic somewhere
> outside the mailing list. The mapper explained that he mapped the location
> of speed limit signs for future reference to verify the speed limits of
> roads. I wanted other mappers opinions on how they feel about this. In my
> opinion i would 100% agree with this view. We need a way to verify a speed
> limit of a road if we want to keep the roads up to date.
> Regards,
> Hans

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