[Talk-us] Facts about the world

Darrell Fuhriman darrell at garnix.org
Sat Apr 4 23:14:04 UTC 2015

> So I think the issue of long term data maintenance is a separate issue from that of imports though imported data may spotlight the issue more.

Agreed. Data maintenance is a much duller task than adding new data, and that’s going to be an issue anywhere and has nothing to do with the origin of the data. Many of the common imports (buildings and addresses) are quite slow to change anyway, so ongoing maintenance becomes a different kind of beast.

Anyway, there are reason why there are companies whose business is keeping business listings up to date — because it’s hard, tedious work.

On that note, I actually sent this as a feature suggestion to the Pushpin developers a while back, but I think it’s a concept that could be extended to any OSM data, especially now that most of us are carrying around smartphones. The idea is make data currency checking as painless as possible. I wrote it with POI data in mind, but it could be extended to other data types as well, with varying scheduling based on how often the data is likely to change (i.e. streets and buildings don’t change that often, businesses do).


I was thinking that it would be helpful  to add some geofencing to the Pushpin app, so that if you come near a POI you can be asked to check if it's current. It could work something like:

Establish geofence for each POIs that has not been updated/verified in some interval (let's say 6 months + some random interval, so as to avoid someone getting pinged for every POI on the street if they happen to walk down the street six months after someone else did).

When user comes near such a geofence, they get a notification and a few options to verify. 

For example, let's say Joe's Coffee hasn't been verified for 9 months. When I walk past it, I get a notification that says:

"Hey, you're right near Joe's Coffee, at 123 Main Street. Would you like to verify its information is current?"

And it presents me the options:

• Not right now
  - I no longer get notified for Joe's Coffee for some period of time (say, a week, or until it's verified by someone else)

• Yes, it's current
 - POI is flagged as current in OSM, app says "Thanks!" and the geofence is removed

• Yes, it's current, but let me change/add to the info
- Takes me to the update screen, I make changes, POI is flagged as verified in OSM, app says "Thanks!" and the geofence is removed

• No, it's out of date
- User is prompted:
   - Let me update it (update as above)
   - It's gone, just delete it
   - It's gone, but let me replace it with what is here now

I think you guys get the idea.

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