[Talk-us] [Imports] Importing Tesla Superchargers

Greg Morgan dr.kludge.gm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 08:23:22 UTC 2015

Oh my goodness.  Once again we have the alleged notion that imports will
drive off mappers without examining any real data. If we look at the
Buckeye Charger we see that fredo_p, a A Hit-and-Run Mapper, added the
original node.  He's still a mapper. Theodin a German mapper added
something. AndiG88 another German mapper added something.  Finally njaard
touched the same node.  The German mappers did nothing different that what
njaard did.  They looked up that there were 8 charging ports on the Tesla
site.  I surveyed the site and see no problem with what has gone on with
this node.  The question I have is should there be eight nodes for each
station since one is required for each parking spot along with a
wall/building for the transformer where the address is located?  The name
issue may not be a factor since you can Google on either the address or
name.  Note that all the mappers involved including me the surveyor are
still mapping.  I am surprised that we did not loose fredo_p--last modifier
of 95 nodes, 16 ways and 0 relationships--with the mapper's first
experience of a node that does not render. I hope that we don't loose
njaard--last modifier of 2,900 nodes, 663 ways, and 30 relationships--over
a node still does not render with a cute little icon.  In may case, I lost
interest in mapping all EV chargers because there's no reward for mapping
them.  There was the reward of finding three of the four types of chargers
used in the US. There was the reward of understanding the problems with
making EV work. Sure the nodes are in the database but I do not experience
the reward of seeing the node on the map like a regular gas station node.
In my view it is not the importers that are killing mappers it is the
cartographers that only show a portion of what can be mapped.

I am guessing that this will bounce because I am not on the import list.


On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 5:33 PM, Greg Troxel <gdt at ir.bbn.com> wrote:

> Charles Samuels <osm at charles.derkarl.org> writes:
> > On Sunday, April 12, 2015 01:12:12 AM Andy Allan wrote:
> >> > Right now, if a tag doesn't match with supercharge.info, I overwrite
> >> > OSM's.
> >>
> >> Could you explain this a bit further? For example, if supercharge.info
> >> has capacity 6, and I correct this to capacity 8, does your script
> >> then overwrite my tag and change it back to the incorrect value?
> >
> > Correct. My intent is that I expect OSM to be no better than
> supercharge.info,
> > so for now it's easiest to just overwrite. Then on following runs of it,
> I
> > manually investigate the changes made in OSM and reconcile the
> differences.
> You may actually be right about the likelihood of correctness, and this
> may lead to an expected value of < 0.1 errors per year.  However,
> imports changing data entered by hand is something that crosses a
> cultural bright line, and I find it concerning that you're heading down
> that path.  I say that as someone who is usually much more on the
> pro-import side.
> To stay within OSM norms, the thing to do is leave the existing data
> alone, and publish a list someplace of mismatches.  It's fine to write
> to the person who added it and explain that there's a mismatch and ask
> if they are sure.
> The other notion in imports is to test  out the process before you do
> it.  Have you run the conflation code against the osm database, and how
> many cases are there where osm already has a charger station but the
> tags dont' match?
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