[Talk-us] No Parallel/Resize or Copy/Paste in iD editor?

David Wisbey yourvillagemaps at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 19 00:39:58 UTC 2015

I'm a long-time user of Potlatch.  Every time since the newiD editor was introduced that I have tried to use it, I have hadto give up and go back to Potlatch.  At first it was simply way tooslow.  It seems to perform better, speed-wise anyway, now.  I usedto use JOSM to work on the buildings of apartment complexes, untilJava stopped working on my computer (still a big mystery with no fix).I heard recently that a new Rotate feature was added in iD, so I decidedto give iD yet another try. I see the Rotate tool - nice. However, I don'tsee any way to create parallel features (or Copy and Paste as in JOSM).This would be necessary for my purposes, where most buildings in anapartment complex are identical but oriented differently.  I would like tobe able to not only rotate a polygon, but copy and paste and then rotatethe pasted polygon and move it to its correct location. I don't see any wayto do that. Is there a "hidden" way of doing this, such as hot keys?
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