[Talk-us] access road routing - two real world cases

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Thu Jan 1 18:09:06 UTC 2015

here are two real world cases that are on my mind:

1) access to the Biltmore estate, Asheville NC
we were down in the area over Christmas, and
toured the mansion on the 24th. we tried using
the Skobbler app on my iPhone for routing, and
got led seriously astray. the tagging needs to be
improved, but it's unclear what the correction
should be under the scheme as it exists now.

the situation is that the land for the state is quite
large, and there is more than one road in; however,
only one road is appropriate for tourists. all the
roads in are gated and private. but if you tag them
all access=private, then the router has no way to
tell what the correct road to use is. we were led to
a gate on the backside of the property that was
clearly labeled as not being for access to the
complex. it seems to be a common problem in
the GPS era as there was a sign directing us to
the correct entrance.

i suppose OSM could use access=permissive for
the preferred route, but that usage doesn't match
well with the current language for permissive.

2) access road to Palmer Motorsports Park.
this is a little theoretical since Palmer won't open for
business until mid summer, but Palmer has an access
road which will probably have some sort of security on
it (and thus have access=private). there is a public road
into a wildlife area adjacent to the track, which i've
seen OSRM use for the endpoint, ignoring the actual track
access road. again, some sort of tagging tweak seems
needed if we want routers to do the right thing. deliberately
not using service roads when they are actually the correct
roads to use is a problem.


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