[Talk-us] access road routing - two real world cases

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Thu Jan 1 19:39:13 UTC 2015

>i suppose OSM could use access=permissive for
>the preferred route, but that usage doesn't match
>well with the current language for permissive.

Richard, I'm not sure this is a perfect solution, but it could work. 
What about using access=destination ("Only when travelling to this 
element...") on that segment where traffic should be "directed to" by 
a router, then adding a rule to the router to be sensitive to 
access=destination segments?  This would actually solve the problem 
and make the router even better than for just this exact case. 
However, while it might overload the semantics for 
access=destination, through careful implementation of the router 
rule, it could improve it.


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