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Agree that the GD MTB route is a “private route” in that you need to obtain a map to figure out what the route is.  Whether OSM wants to document private routes seems to be an open question.


While Adventure Cycling is proud of the routes it has developed we do not claim them as “national routes” any more than a given year’s RAGBRAI cross-Iowa route deserves that recognition (RAGBRAI changes its route every year to include different parts of Iowa).  This applies to dozens of other major routes and cross state rides in the US.  None of them are signed and they often change from year to year.  The Great Divide also spends a fair amount of its time on singletrack paths.





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  the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route:

I have three comments:

1) The first one is that as far as I know it is not signposted, so it should not be in OSM as a relation. 

Only if the ACA have plans to put signs up, it could became a proposed route (state=proposed).

OSM is not the place to put unsigned routes, even if they are very important. Obviously this issue is for Kerry Irons to answer, as its one of their routes

2) if it is to be in OSM it is a national route (ncn)

3) if it is a "Mountain bike Route" by name, I suppose it is also in reality, so most likely it would be route=mtb (Kerry to decide)

Obviously it would be a pity to lose all the work Jimmy FL has put in it, but OSM should not become the repository of "private" routes.



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