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On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 9:38 PM, Tod Fitch <tod at fitchdesign.com> wrote:

Copyright - Maybe it would be best to ask the county or even city for
address (and building outlines) information with a public domain license.
Cities and counties I've dealt with in Washington State have been very open
about providing us PD shapefiles. Arizona on the other hand, not only won't
provide it as PD, but wants to charge for the data. I'm not sure where
California falls. It doesn't hurt to ask. Assuming you can get data with a
suitable license then"

1. Setup a separate account to use for importing data.

Yes - separate account is required per the Import Guidelines, although the
reasoning given seems circular. It is further complicated by the fact that
we don't allow duplicate ids with the same email account. Yes - that is
easily overcome by obtaining a second email account.

2. Break the data into managable chunks (one to a few square blocks).

NYC used voting district because they are typically small, but not so small
that you end up creating a bunch of very small imports. You'll have to see
if there are published boundaries for voting district.  My experience is
that neighborhoods are too big. Block can be too small with some only
having a hand full of addresses.

3. Do one chunk at at time. "Doing" being defined as:
> 4a. Pull chunk into JOSM on one layer.

The Tasking Manager works well for this step.

> 4b. Check for any existing addresses. Resolve discrepancies giving
> existing OSM data preference.

Make sure to look for address data in POIs such as restaurants.

4c. For new addresses (not yet in OSM), verify the street names on the
> addresses are correct.

Use the JOSM Map Point Style "Address Tags Validator" or similar mapcss
styles for easy validation.

> 4d. For new addresses (not yet in OSM), verify the house numbers are
> plausible with the known numbering system in the area.
> 4e. Have a tag on each added or changed object indicating the source of
> the address data.

I'd only do 4e if you think it is possible to update the data with
refreshed city/county data at a later date. If not it isn't worth it.

Decide how you want to handle existing building outlines and addresses. I'd
recommend merging single address nodes that fall inside of existing
building outlines with the building. The other option is to position it at
the entrance. Since this isn't a survey, that won't be easy.

Good luck,

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