[Talk-us] Santa Clara County (California) address import?

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Fri Jan 30 06:49:11 UTC 2015

Thanks for true OSM dedication and your great community engagement, Tod!

In fact, it was Santa Clara County which lost the court case (as 
defendant, CFAC -- the California First Amendment Coalition -- was 
the plaintiff) which in essence declared, "GIS basemap/geospatial 
data produced by public agencies in California must be made public." 
(The case is CFAC v. Santa Clara County, No. 1-06-CV-072630.)  It's a 
fairly easy thing to find with an easy Internet search.

This means that no California County can put onerous license 
restrictions on public data:  the data simply are public, and by 
court order.  (Yes, even certain Creative Commons agreements can be 
considered onerous when compared with "public domain").  I am not an 
attorney, though I can read.

I do recommend that you request whatever data you wish to use in OSM 
directly from the County.  This creates a "nexus" by a state Citizen, 
who if s/he also agrees to OSM's Contributor Terms, has every right 
to enter the data into OSM.  Well, OSM community standards as to the 
appropriateness of any given "data import" notwithstanding, of 
course.  And being local to your area, I look forward to more 
complete address data in Silicon Valley.  Provided they are entered 
carefully, with high quality and by following our standards.

You'll want to do just what you outlined (on surface they seem like 
reasonable steps), but please post to the imports-us list as well. 
First, read our wiki's Import/Guidelines and Import/Catalogue pages 
so you can do what they say.

In short, I believe this is a reasonable thing to do.  I encourage 
others to either encourage Tod as I do here, or submit good reasons 
why he shouldn't.  Additional suggestions for improvement are, of 
course, welcome.

Have fun!


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