[Talk-us] A note about bags and security at SOTM-US

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Thu Jun 4 14:09:47 UTC 2015

On 6/4/15 9:56 AM, Bonnie Bogle wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Thanks for the questions on backpacks at State of the Map US this weekend. We have to follow the standard UN security policies, which limit bags to those smaller than 14" wide x 13" high x 4" deep. We don't know how specifically these policies are followed in person, but to avoid any problems getting in on Saturday we recommend sticking to them as closely as you can.
this is smaller than a standard briefcase. any presenters who don't
follow talk-us
may be very surprised on saturday morning if this is enforced for conference

i strongly recommend checking with the UN on this as it's pretty severe.
as it is, i'm
going to have to make an emergency run to staples tomorrow morning to
see what
they have in stock, and i'll have to buy two if my daughter's backpack
doesn't pass

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