[Talk-us] a plea to armchair mappers

Kam, Kristen kristenk at telenav.com
Thu Jun 11 14:05:49 UTC 2015

We need to make it more easier to load up-to-date imagery to  our OSM editing applications. And I think something easy as publicizing the date of the imagery collection would get folks to do a double take before using older imagery.


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Subject: [Talk-us] a plea to armchair mappers

please, please when doing the armchair mapping thing, be aware
that aerial imagery may be several years out of date.

yesterday i discovered that a highway reconfiguration i'd mapped
in Rensselaer, NY had been realigned with the out-of-date bing
aerial imagery. i was able to locate my GPX tracks and put it back,
but i still had to revisit the site to re-verify some connecting roads.

i had even put a README tag on the roads warning that the
imagery was out of date, but the armchair mapper didn't bother
to, you know, read the README.

i don't object to careful armchair mapping, i do it myself, but
you need to keep in mind that the imagery available may a number
of years old. i can name a number of highways in the Capital District
of NY where the imagery is old and the highways have been realigned
and/or reconfigured.  this will be true in many places. if you see a
mismatch, it would be a good idea to look at the history and try to
contact the the mapper responsible for the mismatch first.


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