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Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Thu Jun 11 17:27:40 UTC 2015

this is a summary of previous discussion on newbies & talk-us

we have an ongoing, persistent problem with armchair mappers
"correcting" the map to match out of date aerial imagery. i just
had to repair the map in Rensselaer, NY; the street named
Broadway was reconfigured in late 2012, and bing imagery is
out of date. a couple of months ago someone realigned my
edits to match the out of date bing imagery. others can and
have described similar situations.

i have started using the unofficial tag README whenever i
make edits that differ from current bing imagery; i usually
place the date of the note in ISO format at the beginning
of the text. for example, here is the note i placed on the
road in Rensselaer:

2013-01-15 - reconfiguration of road not yet fully reflected in aerial
imagery. do not conform this road to current imagery.

this has mostly worked, but in this specific case the armchair
mapper chose not to read the note, or read it and dismissed it.

so i have two things in mind here:

1) formalize the README tag as a way to caution future mappers

2) request editor support, when someone goes to change a
README tagged entity, it would be nice if editors would popup
a dialog saying something along the lines of

Warning: read the following before making any changes to this
object <README text follows>

other suggestions that have been made have included trying to
make the dates on which imagery was collected more obvious,
adding warnings when edits are newer than available imagery
(or newer than the imagery layer currently being displayed),
and pressing to get more current imagery into place.

does anyone have any thoughts on how to approach this?


rwelty at averillpark.net
 Averill Park Networking - GIS & IT Consulting
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