[Talk-us] a plea to armchair mappers

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jun 12 05:47:00 UTC 2015


On 06/11/15 18:46, Mike N wrote:
>    I've seen this problem also - an area marked for construction, all 
> roads bulldozed out, - the roads re-appear due to a TIGER<>OSM 
> comparison test because they're in Bing.
>   An area where all buildings are demolished and a single large entity 
> takes its place, add a circle / rectangle with a NOTE around the area: 
> buildings reappear because they're in Bing.

If you see this happening regularly, try to find out who the responsible
mapper is and contact them.

If it turns out that this is not an accident but a systemic problem
(e.g. due to the mapper employing some sort of TIGER<->OSM comparison
and systematically re-adding stuff) then the mapper should be encouraged
to be more diligent, or if that is not possible, the mapper should
probably stop making these types of edits altogether.


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