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Hi again Mike, I should have specified – the entirety of Trail Ridge Road J


I think we did actually come in (from the east, i.e. FC to Granby) via 36.  I would say hgv=private is the ‘correct’ tag; in this case the ‘highway’ is actually ‘State controlled w/ agreements of the Park Service’, maybe Jim or one of them have a better answer, but it seems more like “this is a State Highway” if you ‘know the rules’ and have a valid ID you can use it accordingly. (in our case we just had to have a Fort Collins address and say “we’re on our way to work in Granby” – this was in either our work trucks or my personal vehicle).


Anyway, hope this helps find proper tagging for 34/36/Trail Ridge Road; cheers!



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Thanks for the helpful information.  I should have mentioned it is US 36 in question (I haven't looked at US 34 yet - east of Deer Junction anyway). In any event, it sounds like you had special permission (since you didn't have to pay an entrance fee at all). In which case hgv=private (Only with permission of the owner on an individual basis).






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Highway 34 has a bit different rules, I remember when I was living in Fort Collins and working in Granby we could pass through the park for free and actually drove our ‘commercial pickup trucks and wood chippers in tow’ (which is a whole other story with potential tree pest/disease spread potential).  But I do not know the ‘complete rules’; I would think the other roads follow normal park rules.




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I am finding roads in Rocky Mountain National Park tagged as "hgv=designated" in spite of the fact that on the ground it is clearly posted "No Commercial Vehicles in RMNP."  While hgv doesn't exactly equal "commercial" it would be improper to route a commercial vehicle through the park.  Can this tagging be correct? 




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