[Talk-us] Check your turn:lanes

Jack Burke burkejf3 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 22:19:53 UTC 2016

An active OSM group (leaving names, etc. out while they check out what I
reported) is running a script or plug-in or challenge called "to-fix" that
is apparently supposed to help fix incorrect turn:lanes values (and maybe
other things, I haven't investigated deeply enough).

The problem is, it's breaking the values instead.  I found a section of
road that I'd added turn:lanes to in order to provide lane guidance at an
exit.  My original value of "none|none|none|none|none;slight_right" was
replaced by "||||slight_right".

While, per the wiki, there's nothing particularly wrong with a null value
for a field vs. specifying "none" as the value, it *does* make a difference
when there are two values in the field, as in my example above.  They
turned a continue-on-or-exit lane into an exit-only lane.

So if you find broken lane guidance like that, with empty fields where
"none" would also be appropriate, that's probably what happened.  Check the
history on the way and see if you can backtrack what happened (fortunately,
the group involved here included a url to a github issue where they are
tracking what they're doing).

Now I have 200 miles of Interstate to go back through and re-check.

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