[Talk-us] friendly notice: Atlanta road construction rendering imagery out-of-date

Jack Burke burkejf3 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 01:14:12 UTC 2016

Since I'm on e-mail tonight, I thought I'd bring folks up-to-date on some
ongoing road construction north and south of Atlanta that is rendering some
pretty important imagery out-of-date.  So before you go about trying to
"fix" something that doesn't match the spy photos, please check around to
be sure that what you're trying to change isn't already right.

First up, we have the new I-75 South Metro Express Lanes.  Due to open in
early 2017, these are reversible toll lanes being installed in the median
between the northbound and southbound Interstate roadways.  Because these
are fairly simple lanes, I've recently started drawing in the construction
so that we can quickly convert it to a usable roadway once it opens (and
I'll try to do GPS traces as soon after that as I can).  I've been using
numerous Mapillary sequences that have been made as a helper.


Next, we have the Northwest Corridor project.  Because it's more
technically complex (huge portions are having to be built as elevated
roadway), this reversible toll road won't open until 2018, and it's also
harder to draw in, but I'm working on it bit by bit (more by taking really
good looks at sections as I drive by than using Mapillary, but that also
helps).  This one extends up I-75 all the way from the Perimeter, up both
I-75 and I-575 a considerable distance.


Finally, we have the *5* projects all happening to poor Windy Hill Road at
the same time, mostly because of the new Atlanta Braves baseball stadium
nearby (which ended up costing the county commission chairman his
reelection bid, by the way).

The part of Windy Hill Road heading east from I-75 to Powers Ferry Road is
pretty much done, and I have corrected the lane counts and alignment.

The Windy Hill Road bridge and interchange is being rebuilt as a diverging
diamond, which has also affected a few other nearby roads, some of which
have been rerouted (done in OSM), and others of which are closed for
rerouting (also done in OSM).

The section of Windy Hill Road west from I-75 to US 41 is having the center
turn lane replaced with a raised median.  That project started this week,
and I've also already (mostly) divided the road in OSM,  (Even though the
entire section hasn't had the center turn lane dug up yet, I've gone ahead
and divided it in OSM because the destruction part will be done fairly


If anyone has any questions, comments, or complaints, feel free to ask me.

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