[Talk-us] friendly notice: Atlanta road construction rendering imagery out-of-date

Mike N niceman at att.net
Thu Aug 25 01:29:33 UTC 2016

On 8/24/2016 9:14 PM, Jack Burke wrote:
> Since I'm on e-mail tonight, I thought I'd bring folks up-to-date on
> some ongoing road construction north and south of Atlanta that is
> rendering some pretty important imagery out-of-date.  So before you go
> about trying to "fix" something that doesn't match the spy photos,
> please check around to be sure that what you're trying to change isn't
> already right.

   Thanks for the information!  On local projects here, I always add an 
empty way matching the old image with a note stating that aerials before 
xxxx are out of date.

   I suppose that will be the next frontier in cleanup projects after 
imagery receives the next major update.   On the plus side, since the 
new projects are often 1 or 2 GPS traces, removing them will remind me 
to compare with new aerials.

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