[Talk-us] USBR 66 in Oklahoma

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Mon Dec 5 11:20:34 UTC 2016

Just a heads up, I'm noticing the relation for USBR 66 in Oklahoma is darn
near unmaintainable due to the sheer size of it, and I'm taking action now
to prevent the problem from getting far worse in the future.

The fact that the west end of the relation ends on a dual carriageway
leading into Texas makes this relation extremely difficult to validate as a
single relation.  This relation is presently over 1400 ways and is growing
thanks to lane tagging efforts in the region.  As this relation has a huge
number of dual and single carriageway segments, it's going to be easiest to
split this into two relations by direction so at least editors can properly
validate this relation.
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