[Talk-us] Common names of highways do not match road signs.

Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Fri Jul 8 14:45:57 UTC 2016

On Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 9:22 AM, Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com> wrote:
> In the UK we've also had a problem with some (generally armchair) mappers
> thinking that "all roads must have a name" and "any name is better than no
> name" so they've been adding "names" that might have been in a news report
> ages ago along the lines of "Greater Chigley and Trumpton Bypass Scheme"
> which aren't signed and aren't useful.  I tend to move those to
> "description".

That kind of happens in the US - the main problems are highways and
freeways that have been given an official name (for some level of
"officialness") but aren't useful. The one that comes to mind is I-235
in Des Moines. According to the Iowa DOT, it's official name is
"Interstate Highway 235" but the city of Des Moines named it the "John
MacVicar Freeway" in the 1960's (or at least they did the parts that
are within the city limits)[1].  But, no one ever refers to it as
anything but I-235 and I'd bet that most people don't even know that
it's called anything but I-235. There's probably a tiny sign somewhere
that lets you know what it's called but the rest of the signage never
refers to it.

I'm sure that there are similar stories all over. I'm not sure if the
"*:signed=no" tags help with this but some scheme for tagging a name
that is official on some level but isn't useful for navigation
(because it isn't signed etc) would be helpful.

[1] http://www.iowadot.gov/autotrails/bridges.aspx?MacVicar%20Freeway

Jeff Ollie

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