[Talk-us] Map spam

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Jul 10 20:00:13 UTC 2016


On 07/10/2016 09:45 PM, Mike N wrote:
> I have seen a number of these - at first there was some app generating
> invalid OSM tags, but excellent geolocation (to OSM standards, center of
> main business building). 

Side note on "we place you on the map" businesses - they often don't
have first-hand knowledge about their client's location so will place
the node exactly where some geocoding engine says the address should be
- which is usually not desirable:

Either the geolocation engine is Google etc. in which case data is added
to OSM in violation of Google's terms,

or the geolocation engine is Nominatim which will, in the US, often rely
on imperfect TIGER house numbers or interpolation lines, and when such
an imprecise match is converted into a node with addr:* tags we have an
illusion of precision that doesn't hold.


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