[Talk-us] Deleting / Closing / Renaming all places in a chain

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Sep 6 21:36:33 UTC 2016


On 09/06/2016 11:01 PM, Elliott Plack wrote:
> Should we launch an automated edit, or some kind of batch process on OSM
> to clear the database `name=ITT Tech` (or similar) worldwide?

This is a discussion that has happened in the past when Domino's Pizza
has rebranded, or when the "Schlecker" drug store chain closed in Germany.

I think automated edits are not a good solution mainly for two reasons:

1. In many cases, the world doesn't change instantly at the behest of
some guy in marketing or legal. Individual locations might retain their
signage for various reasons and we map what's on the ground, not what's
in the franchise agreement. Individual shops of a closed-down brand
might remain open because of special local agreements that the automated
edit has no knowledge of.

2. If a chain is renamed or closed country-wide, and this change is not
reflected on OSM in one area, then this can be a valuable sign for lack
of mapper attention. A sign that has the best user interface of all:
Because for any map user, dealing with an outdated map is normal, and
the way you identify just *how* outdated something is is exactly by
looking at such things: "Ah, this map seems to be from a time then
Domino's was still called Domino's Pizza!" - Leaving these valuable
markers of outdated-ness in place tells the map user that this area
hasn't been touched for a while and that the other POIs in the vicinity
are likely also a bit aged. When a local mapper touches up the area they
will likely also update other things than just the closed-down shop, and
then the map will be current again. Automatically editing away something
country-wide hides the fact that the map lacks attention in an area.


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