[Talk-us] Southern California mappers plan to map island

Jonathan Schleuss jschleuss at me.com
Fri Sep 9 20:13:27 UTC 2016

Hey gang,

We're having our own little Isle of Wight on Santa Catalina Island later this month.

Right now we have 32 folks saying they'll attend a weekend mapping/Mapillary adventure to the island which is about an hour's ferry ride from Los Angeles. I expect closer to 20 will actually go.

Any one have suggestions beyond what's planned?

Most buildings have already been imported through the L.A. County Building Import. And I recently imported the 1,100 addresses so that we could verify them on the ground.

What's currently planned:

- Address cleanup/businesses: About 1,100 addresses need to be verified. Several more need to be added. All those imported in Avalon got a maptimela:reviewed=no tag for verification. Will need to make sure teams work on separate streets. (maybe this should be split in two?) Move address points to main entrance of structure (or entrance associated with address).
- Botanic garden: Add plants and trails using mobile apps or paper maps
- Mapillary: Will need to divide up city to add to Mapillary. Will have five 360 cameras.
- Fire hydrant check: could be imported and verified during the trip.
- Benches, waste bins, ATMs, pay phones, bike parking, drinking fountains, decorative water fountains: is this too menial?
- Trees: again, too menial? Could get into species and type depending on group's knowledge. Might be handy for the city government.
- Historical monuments: hoping for a list of important places from the island's museum.
- Tourist attractions: could be culled from the list on OSM wiki...but may interfere with the business or historical group
- Verify/coding/central command: could be stationed at the campground to watch edits and provide a second set of eyes for verification

Here's the event page:

We also have a draft of a sticker. Any thoughts? 

Suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Jon Schleuss
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