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Thanks, Bill,

         Very interesting. Certainly there are other such local 
"strategies" to deal with long driveways. There are other local 
customs that mappers should know, such as that state roads in some 
states have SR before the number, not the state abbreviation I've 
made that mistake myself here in California and certainly haven't 
corrected them all.
         It would be nice if there were a way to pop up some kind of 
warning about local anomalies for mappers. Maybe that is something 
for the future.


At 02:15 PM 4/4/2017, you wrote:
>There are jurisdictions where named driveways are required if the 
>house is out of sight of the street.
>E.g. Cumberland Co. Maine, the newishcountywide E911 dispatch 
>requires street names be unique across county and that houses not 
>within sight of the road have a named PVT WAY that becomes their 
>official address for E911. (Unclear how postoffice and UPS feel about that.)
>Requiring a clear number sign at the street might have been 
>sufficient but they've chosen to mandate identical PVT WAY signage instead.
>( looks like none of those have made it into  OSM yet.)

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