[Talk-us] Contacting local mappers or posting a note to "mappers in area". How to. Etiquette. Horseshoe Bend, ID,

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Sat Aug 26 00:33:38 UTC 2017

I know about map notes.

Are there other ways I could post a bulletin message mappers in a given
region might see and react to?

Here it is not directly an OSM mapping task, so a map note seems
But it's a task a local mapper would be perfect for, and it's no big deal.
Is there such a mechanism?


NB: In particular I'm hoping to find someone willing to verify if tower SID
4881 of a certain Verizon cellular tower is coming from *Packer Joe
Overlook* near *Horseshoe Bend, ID,* or if that tower ID is coming from
above *Sweet, ID*.   It's a horribly specific request, but might be like
ten seconds for someone with
(CellMapper <http://cellmapper.com/>) or a similar tool.

Cell Mapper is a tool for locating cell phone towers for a variety of
purposes including tuning a cell repeater for weak signal areas.  OSM maps
are supported within the tool, but there's no data sharing with OSM that
I'm aware of.
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