[Talk-us] highway=trunk for NHS routes?

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Sun Jan 1 18:40:38 UTC 2017

On 12/31/16 4:19 PM, Kerry Irons wrote:
> Not to cloud this discussion, but be aware that at least some states
> refer to “county trunk” roads at the county level.  Near as I can tell
> that simply means “major” vs. “minor” roads at the county level
> without rigid criteria to define them.  Looking at the US NHS roads
> for my area, it seems that the choices to include a given highway in
> the NHS is fairly arbitrary.  There may have been traffic counts
> included in the decision but that would have been only part of the
> criteria – highways in low-population areas are part of the NHS while
> much heavier traffic highways in more densely populated areas are not.
highway=trunk is problematic in the US in many ways. it has been used rather
inconsistently over the years, but right now, it doesn't seem too bad.

changing the sense of highway=trunk to represent the NHS classification is
likely to fail miserably. not everyone will get the message. some of those
folks will get involved in edit wars. it will likely just make a hash of

i recommend some sort of subtagging, although i don't think nhs=yes is
a good idea. i suggest some sort of subtagging namespace should be
worked out for these sorts of official government designations.

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