[Talk-us] WikiProject US Bicycle Route System call for volunteers

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Tue Jan 17 20:51:05 UTC 2017

AASHTO has completed its Autumn 2016 round from state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) for new routes in the United States Bicycle Routing System (USBRS), like “Interstates for bikes” (network=ncn in the USA).  For details, please see OSM’s WIkiProject USBRS, https://wiki.osm.org/wiki/WikiProject_U.S._Bicycle_Route_System.

There remains only one USBR from this round to enter into OSM:

USBR 41 in Minnesota, about 300+ miles from St. Paul north to Duluth, then along Lake Superior to the Canadian border near Grand Portage

It can take hours, days, weeks to “gather” OSM editing resources (thank you!) to enter hundreds of miles of route data, hence this post request. Should you wish to add or improve this USBR to OSM, please read our wiki, finding a cloud pointer to the USBR 41 data.  There is already a "seed" relation at the north and south termini, so all you need to do is "build the middle!"  This is carefully following the map and turn-by-turn directions and including largely-existing bicycle infrastructure (mostly roads, you might need to add some cycleways) into the relation.

In July 2015 OSM-US was granted explicit permission to add USBR ballots as they are made available to AASHTO by state DOTs. (Again, we thank AASHTO for this permission; our letter is on cloud). Procedures to enter these data are well-established over years of steady growth in the USBRS and careful coordination in this WikiProject, which appreciates completion of routes from additional OSM volunteers.

Project Status is now “light chartreuse” (almost completely green, tinged yellowish by the last few hundred miles of incomplete USBR 41). Thank you in advance for any additional energy this project might experience of the “read our wiki and GO!” style of participation we enjoy. Perhaps you are inspired to enter route data and watch yet another national bike route blossom on the Cycle Map layer of OSM.  If so, please update your status in the wiki as/after you do so, and Thank You!

Humbly and sincerely,

Steve All
WikiProject USBRS coordinator

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